Toothbrush Choices

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Do you know your toothbrush choices? Your toothbrush is a valuable asset that helps you fight for your oral health. Using the right toothbrush for your smile can help prevent cavities and gum disease from invading your smile. To help you understand your options, our dental team is happy to help you.

Dr. Ted Grossman is happy to help you with your oral health questions and needs. What’s more, our team at Lionville Family Dentistry is excited to share some fundamental information about your toothbrush options.

Here are your toothbrush choices:

Manual toothbrushes
Manual toothbrushes have been used to clean teeth for many years. By using a manual toothbrush, you have more precise control of where your brush is placed around your teeth and the angle at which you brush your teeth. Manual toothbrushes are easy to use and have been proven to be useful for many years. They are outstanding choices for those who like to guide the toothbrush themselves, as well as for those who prefer softer bristles on their tooth enamel. Soft bristles are particularly great for those who have sensitive teeth.

Electric toothbrushes
Electric toothbrushes are newer in the dental market. They have more brushing power, and the bristles can rotate extremely fast around each individual tooth, providing a more even and thorough cleaning. Most electric toothbrushes have a timer on them, so you know when you have brushed each area of your mouth long enough, and when your two minutes are up. Electric toothbrushes are easy to use for seniors, those who have limited mobility and those who may have a hard time gripping a smaller manual toothbrush.

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